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KCS System is the one of the best Laptop Service providers in the field of Laptop repairs & solutions, we specializes in all types of technical repairs, including chip level servicing. We do all range of Laptop repairs, Our professionally trained laptop service technicians well experienced and qualified in troubleshooting and repair all Major branded Laptops like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Compaq, HCL, Toshiba, Sony, IBM, Laptops. Whenever you need of laptop repair supports just call Laptop Systems and get an instant solution.


Software development and web application development is a complex process. The intricacies involved in software development and web application development creates pitfalls like miscommunication, scope changes and deadlines - termed by many a software development company as part of the "creation process". Graphics Solutions is a software development company that eliminates these pitfalls by carefully articulating the requirements through our 4-step process. This process allows effective use of the client's time, a clear focus on solution goals, maintains cost estimate accuracy and delivers the solution on time.

Our software development and web application development process have four distinct steps: Proposal - Our web design specialists will perform a needs evaluation that will encompass all aspects of site design and functionality through client interaction. Statement of work - This stage of software development begins after the acceptance of the proposal. The Statement of work includes software development / web application development flow charts as well a process documentation detailing the operational flow of the proposed solution. Proof of work - A working prototype of the software development / web application development is presented to the client for functionality review prior to the delivery of the final, completed product. Web Solution Delivery - Delivery of the final software / web application product to the client.

All software development needs are not the same! Through our flexible use of effective web application development technologies, Graphics Solutions can design a software and web application that suits your requirements. From static websites to dynamic, database driven e-commerce applications, B2B applications, B2C applications or a portal development that includes database programming or database management, from shopping cart applications to web enabled tracking systems, from java applications development to component development in C++ / VB, we handle all web application development work with equal panache.We are also adept at software development using open source technology like Linux / MySQL and PHP. Open Source Development. As the name suggests, open source technology means software development using resources that are available freely or cost little. Open source development promotes a healthy development environment sans the exorbitant costs involved using copyrighted operating environments and software.

Benefits of open source software:
* Cost savings typically range from 70% to 90% compared to a product developed from scratch, depending on the complexity of customization
* Development reduced by over 60%
* Software comes with rights to modify
* Complete flexibility for meeting specific needs (not available with proprietary software)
* Enhanced portability

Our Technologies:
* Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Window 7
* Windows Server 2003/2005/2008

* .NET, ASP, JavaScript, Servlets, C#,
* Visual Studio 2005 and 2008, Java/C++, IIS
* Dreamweaver, Crystal Reports, Infragistics, Ajax, MS office, HTML.

* MS Access
* MS SQL Server 2005 and 2008
* MySQL 5.0

Laptop Motherboard Chip Level Service

  Broken Laptop Rework Solution.
  Broken Laptop Display Screen Replacement. Hinges, Febrication
  BGA Chips Replacement.
  Bios Errors & Password Removal.
  Laptop keyboard and touchpad Repair
  Laptop Overheating issue , Fan Replacement ,Liquid Replacement
  Laptop is on but no display - Motherboard Problems.
  Fix Laptop motherboards - Water damage, Dead motherboards.
  Hard Drive - Makes noise, Blue screen, Missing system files.
  Power Section Problems - Won't boot, No sign of power.
  LCDs - For dim or flickering screens, No Back light, Broken, Blank screen.
  Power Jack - Need to move around to make it work or Physically Broken.
  Troubleshooting hardware and software problems.
  Laptop Upgrade Memory and HDD Upgrade
  Pickup & Drop Facility available for Laptop Service.
  and etc.....

In Laptop Service at Laptop Systems, our professionally trained Laptop technicians have a very good knowledge in all range of laptops, our skilled technicians can able to perform component level services for all range of laptop motherboards, we are capable to do component level services by checking all electronic components such as Transistors, ICs, Connectors, Resistors, BGA ICs, & Mosfets, our laptop service technicians can also solve display problems like faint displays, dead displays, white displays and flickering displays. Laptop Systems offer a fast turnaround time on most of the laptop repairs and also add DATA RECOVERY

Recovery is possible in any of the cases such as

  Unable to boot.
  Virus attacks
  Inaccessible drives or partitions.
  Unable to run or load data
  Data corruption.
  Hard drives crashes/ failures
  Accidental deletion of data
  Natural disasters
  Surface contamination and damage
  Electrical/ mechanical failure
  Partition corruption
  Fire and water damage
  Invalid Media Type Error
  Missing Operating System
  General Failure Reading Drive
  ROM Basic Error
  Data Error Reading File
  FAT or VFAT errors
  Formatted disks as well as deleted files and missing files
  Operating system failure in NTFS/XP/LINUX
  Physical damages to the disk due to shock, media card damage, head damage etc.
  and etc.....

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