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  Basic analog and digital electronics.
  laptop training solutions

Laptop Assembling and dissembling

  Unable to boot.
  Laptop Assembling and dissembling

  Motherboard working phenomena, Block diagram, & schematic diagram.
  common laptop problems and solutions
  Linear Regulator & PWM power supply
  Using & testing of electronic components
  laptop battery problems and solutions
  Desktop motherboard Power sequence
  Testing of Digital IC'S
  how to fix audio problems on laptop
  Laptop power steam & VRM, suspended voltage & always voltages
  Diflaptop service trainingferences Between AC & DC Current and its applications.
  laptop service training
  Voltages on different chips
  Switching mode power supply Technology and its usage.
  laptop problems and how to fix them
  Laptop different section working principal
  C to DC Conversion of power and its application.
  how to fix wifi problems on laptop
  Block diagram of Laptop & signal flow
  Pulse width modulation (PWM) Technology and its application in the computer M/B's.
  how to fix driver problems on laptop
  lock frq. & voltage flow on motherboard
  ower good signal of the power supply and its importance.
  how to fix overheating laptop problems
  Battery charging section
  Reset Technology and its importance in the computer M/B.
  how to fix video problems on laptop
  LCD & LED section
  BIOS IC, its pin details, firm ware of the bios and study of its characteristics.
  fix laptop problems free
  Inverter Section and CCFL
  Importance of the clock generator IC and study of its O/P clock signals.
  instructor led laptop training
  CPU fundamental
  Real time Clock (R T C) signal and its application in the M/B
  How to Stop Laptop Overheating
  Function of MCH, ICH, SIO, Clock, Bios chips
  Power on self test (post) of the M/B and its importance, reading its codes and analysis the problem according to it.
  laptop overheating solution
  Second generation power seq. & PCH function
  Fault finding, tracing, diagnosing and isolating of the problems according to their behavior.
  Basic tips, precautions, Steps, Short cuts to approach different problems.
  is my laptop overheating
  Function of audio section, network section, SATA, USB
  Tracing of M/B's of different makes and understanding the common and difference between the M/B's.
  how to fix a laptop that overheats
  Function of Touch pad & keyboard
  Understanding of CPU core voltage generation circuits.
  computer overheating solution
  Reset signal seq
  Difference & Similarity between Desktop and Laptop M/B's.
  laptop overheating and shutting down
  Bios programming
  Laptop M/B Diagnosing, isolating problem between power and other sections, diagnosing the problem in systematic way and short cuts.
  laptop cooling pad
  ICs detail and function
  Precautions to be taken while approaching the critical problems like hanging, Battery not charging, Drives not detecting, K/B not detecting, AC Adapter not detecting and all other Semi working problems of the Laptops.
  2.overheating laptop solutions
  Different connectors and sockets
  Laptop M/B Coolant Circuit Technology and its problems and solution.
  laptop solutions desk
  Fault finding procedure of laptop
  Laptop Dim display problem isolating the problem between screen, inverter board and the main M/B.
  notebook solutions
  Use of Debug card post error code
  Laptop internal and external display importance, difference and its fault finding.
  laptop troubleshooting
  Common problem of different motherboards
  laptop troubleshooting black screen
  laptop troubleshooting screen
  Fault finding using digital multi-meter & socket tester
  Laptop K/B problem, isolating the problem between K/B and M/B and finding the solution for it.
  laptop troubleshooting flowchar
  Fault finding using Oscilloscope
  Laptop USB Device Not working problem, isolating the problem between power section and data section and its solution.
  motherboard chip level troubleshooting
  Different password removing methods and steps.(Dell, IBM)
  LAPTOP drives (HDD/CDD) not detecting problems and drives pin details in the M/B's, checking points and solution.
  chip level laptop repairing course
  Reading schematics diagram & DATA sheets of different ICs
  Laptop network port problem, cause, IC details and solution.
  chip level training institute
  HINGES & body fabrication etc
  Laptop display screen working technology, isolating the problem between screens, cable, M/B. further isolating the problem between power and logic section in the M/B.
  chip level motherboard repairing
  Practical chip level faults finding
  Laptop M/B DC to DC Converter Voltage Generation Problems, main Power Supply short Problems, Diagnosis, isolation and solution.
  chip level servicing
  Software related issue solve by Hiren boot and mini XP
  Understanding of stand by voltages and its requirement in the laptop M/B.
  laptop problems blue screen
  BIOS up gradation using different methods.
  Blue screen on laptop how to fix
  Importance of the password in laptop, its storage and removal steps.
  my laptop has blue screen
  Laptop adapter working technology and its fault finding.
  keep getting blue screen on laptop
  Laptop Battery Refurbish technology.
  laptop blue screen restart
  Usage of oscilloscope and its importance in fault finding.
  blue screen on restart
  Shortcuts in repair.
  windows wont load blue screen

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